Students at all times must observe school discipline.

 BOYS: Check Shirt Camel (fawn) Colour Shorts / with bands, Brown Shoes Belt & Logo.

GIRLS: I to VII : Camel (fawn) Colour with check plated sleeves    

                             Shirts and Check   Divider Skirt / Tunic Black Hair Band, 

                             Brown Shoes, Grey Socks with bands, Belt & Logo

         VIII to XII : Camel (fawn) Colour with front check  Jacket,check plated collar & sleeves Kameez, Check Salwar, Brown Shoes, Grey Socks with bands, Belt &                             Logo & Black Hair Band.


 BOYS & GIRLS : Full Shirt Maroon Plain Pullover with Logo/

                                 Maroon Blazer with the  fawn colour dodi, Logo

P.T. DRESS         Boys: White Shirt &White Trousers, Logo, White Canvas Shoes &White shocks with bands.

                              Girls: White Shirt, White skirts/tunic, Logo up to VII; white Kameez & salwar with Dupatta up to XII, white canvas Shoes, white

                               socks with band, white ribbon.               

TRACK SUITS  Black Colour yellow Strip Trouser, yellow colour black strip Jacket

NOTES:  For details please see the School Notice Board for the Sample of Dresses.

Examination rules:

No Semester System: Annual Examination (Board Exam for Class 10th ) will take place at the end of the session covering the complete syllabus.

  •   Scholastic Area :

·      Students will be graded at 9 grading scale.

·      Final result will comprise the marks of Annual Examination (Board Exam for Class 10th) – 80 Marks and Internal Assessment – 20 Marks

·      Annual Examination (Board Exam for Class 10th ) will be conducted of 80 Marks in which students need to secure 33% (27 Marks).

·      Internal Assessment comprises of Periodic Test (10 Marks),Notebook Maintenance (5 Marks) and Subject Enrichment Activity (5 Marks) out of             which students need to secure 33% (7 Marks)

  •   Internal Assessment : (Std. I to X )

·      Periodic Test can be conducted out of 50 Marks and average of the best two out of 10 will be added in the Internal Assessment.

·      Internal Assessment can be completed as follows :

SL.NO. Name of the Examination/Test Month
1. First Periodic Test 26th June to 1st July,2017
2. Second Periodic Test 27th July to 3rd August,2017
3. Half-yearly Examination 11th to 22nd September,2017
4. Third Periodic Test 1st to 8th December,2017
5. Fourth Periodic Test 29th Jan to 3rd Feb,2018
6. Annual.Final Examination 12th to 24th March,2018
  •   Notebook Maintenance can be assessed periodically or before the end of each term based on the following parameters :

·         Regularly

·         Assessment completion

·         Neatness and upkeep of notebook

·      Subject enrichment activities : It comprise of techniques like ASL/Reading/Dictation/Debate/Public Speaking etc. for languages,Lab activities/Projects/Map work/Model Marking/Field Trips etc.

·      6th additional subject (Class 6th to Class 10th only) will be assessed as notified by CBSE.

  •   Co-Scholastic Area :

·         Co-Scholastic activities will be assessed on a 5 point grading scale by the concerned teachers framing effective tools for the same.

·         Grading will not have any descriptive indicators and students will not be upgraded based on the co-scholastic grades.

·         Co-scholastic area will cover Work Education/Pre Vocational Education/Art Education/Health & Physical Education.

  •  Students will be graded by the class teachers for discipline in 5 point grading scale considering the attendance, sincerity, bahaviour and values.
Promotion rules:
(a) Attendance – 75%
Withdrawal rules:
(a) All school dues must be cleared .
(b) Security money  shall be returned after 15 days .
(c) Transfer certificate shall be issued after one week of receiving of the withdrawal  application.
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