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D.A.V stand for Dayanand  Anglo –Vedic School . The name itself says it allas it exhibits the motto of our institutions more beautifully then any slogan could. Anglo , as well as Vedic, we have succeeded in treading the tightrope, with Modernity on one side and tradition on the other. Past and present , we haveMaintained a balance between the values of the years gone by and the trends Of the current times.

Today, success and money are fast becoming the only standard by which human beings assessed in society . In such times, honesty, integrity, truth and uprightness are going out of fashion, so to say. and yet the  inherent significance of these moral values can never be denied . How can be really hope to get anywhere if we are not honest in our efforts.

The education of DAV revolves around that  core. We are proud to be able to instill  indispensable values into our pupils , impining on their impressionable minds the sheer
Importance of these qualities. Living is becoming more and more of a complicated 
Issues these days . Things are no more sample , and external pressure on our lives are manifold . The right path is becoming exceeding  difficult to followand people are struggling to stay poised between conflicting  forces. At such times, it is one’s inner strength that comes to one’s rescue and this inner strength is the product  of one’s sound morality.
We, at DAV, not only produce students capable of financial and social but also moral security. This our aim, this is our motto – to be the alma mater of the students who becoming known not for’ heir success and money but for their moral strength.

Mr. S. K. Jha
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